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Cake Toppers (3D, Shaker and One Layer)

Cake Toppers (3D, Shaker and One Layer)

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Simple One-Layer Cake Topper:

This cake topper is as the name suggests - one layer. Typically pictured you would see 3D cake toppers, however the One-Layer cake topper is a flattened image, printed and attached to a cake topper stick.

3D Cake Topper:

This cake topper uses puff tape and multiple layers to give the 3D effect. I use various card stock and adhesives to achieve this look. See photos for examples.

Shaker Cake Topper:

This is the 3D topper with an added component of a shaker. The shaker has glitter and other embellishments in it to give a shaker effect. 

See photos for examples.

Photos can be added to toppers but need to be of a certain quality. Please email photos to to be verified.

Please note that I do not send drafts before I start making the cake topper due to time constraints.

If your theme is a design that I have already done, I will work off previous designs.

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